4 Signs Of A Dynamic Catholic


If you walk into any Catholic church next Sunday & look around, you will discover that some people are highly engaged, others are massively disengaged, & the majority are somewhere in between. Why? What is the difference between highly engaged Catholics & disengaged Catholics?
Answering this question is essential to the future of the Catholic Church. If we truly want to engage Catholics & reinvigorate parish life, we must first discover what drives engagement among Catholics. Matthew Kelly explores this question in his groundbreaking book, & the simplicity of what he discovers will amaze you.

Four things make the difference between highly engaged Catholics & disengaged Catholics: the four signs of a Dynamic Catholic.

Whether you are ready to let God take your spiritual life to the next level or want to help reinvigorate your parish, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic promises to take you on a journey that will help you to live out the genius of Catholicism in your everyday life.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781937509262
Matthew Kelly
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2012
Publisher: Beacon Publishing


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