Everlasting Hatred : The Roots Of Jihad


Bestselling author Hal Lindsey explains how, on September 11, an ancient fight to the death conflict exploded on the shores of the U.S. Though most Americans didn’t realize it, we were already involved in this struggle. A struggle driven by a hatred that goes back over 4000 years. Islamic fundamentalism’s purpose is to replace the JudeoChristian world order with an Islamic world order. Every American needs to understand the enormity of the threat we face and why.

In the aftermath of 9/11 most Americans are asking:
* Why do most Muslims hate Jews?
* Why do Islamic fundamentalists hate the United States and call it The Great Satan?
* Why did Islamic terrorists sacrifice their own lives to kill Americans?
* Do Islamic fundamentalists have access to weapons of mass destruction?
* Could Islamic terrorists imperil the survival of the United States?
* What light does Bible prophecy shed on this?
* Does the Koran call for violence and conquest?
* Are the Islamic fundamentalists an aberration of the Muslim religion, or are they as they claim the True followers of Mohammad?


SKU (ISBN): 9781936488308
Hal Lindsey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2011
Publisher: WND Books


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