Graduate Survival Guide Kit


What if there was a personal guide that would prepare graduating seniors for their college
experience? Now, there is one.

Rachel Cruze is excited to introduce The Graduate’s Survival Guide. No incoming college
freshman should leave home without this gift, which will help prepare them for many of the dangers and unanswered questions they have about college. The Graduate’s Survival Guide includes a book, presented in a fun and easy Q&A format, that will quickly become a trusted companion.

Topics Include:
Balancing a Checkbook, Collision and Liability Insurance, Compound Interest, Credit Cards, Debt, Giving, Part-Time Jobs, Saving, Student Loans, and Much More

The Graduate Kit Includes:
A 132-page, quick reference book in Q & A format that’s designed as a resource for your grad to refer back to throughout their college career.
A 4-track DVD that includes an honest and approachable, coffee-house style discussion of topics such as: college life, marketing and debt, practical saving, navigating academics like scheduling classes, internships, and goal setting
A commemorative gift case that you’ll be proud to give to your graduate.


SKU (ISBN): 9781937077006
Dave Ramsey
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 2012
Publisher: New Day Christian Distributors

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