Handwriting Of God


1. Can We Trust The Bible As The Inspired Word Of God?
2. The Bible’s Astonishing Influence On The West
3. The Impact Of Jesus On The World
4. The Incredible History Of The Bible
5. The Reason Many Reject The Bible
6. The Mystery Of The Trinity
7. The Incredible Bible Codes
8. New Bible Code Discoveries
9. The Messiah Codes
10. The Heavenly Prince Melchisedec Scroll
11. The Mystery Of The Jews: God’s Hand In Human History
12. The Rocks Cry Out: The Historical Evidence For The Bible
13. New Scientific Discoveries And The Scriptures
14. The Coming Collapse Of Evolution
15. Who Do You Say That I Am
Selected Bibliography…..p. 277

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THE HANDWRITING OF GOD will answer your questions about the phenomenal Bible Codes while revealing awesome New Code Discoveries hidden in the Scriptures. Can we trust the Bible? Is Christianity credible? There is a war on for the souls and minds of humanity and the main battleground is the issue of biblical authority. Grant has again uncovered new research material that will cause you to search the Scriptures for yourself. He provides new evidence that the Bible is truly ‘without error’ and trustworthy despite the attacks on its authority in our generation.


SKU (ISBN): 9780921714385
Grant Jeffrey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 1997
Publisher: WaterBrook

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