How My Family Grew Overnight


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As an overview, the Nick the Wise Old Cat Series books are warm, lovable, and soon-to-be classic stories presented through the eyes of Nick, the wise old cat influenced by the world around him and the special loving relationship he has with his Nice Lady caregiver. How My Family Grew Overnight is the second of three books within Series I, The Importance of Family from the Nick the Wise Old Cat five series offering. Together with Book One, How I Found My Family, and Book Three, How My Family Changed, young readers will learn about the importance and diversity of relationships that constitute family. Nick is a very observant and inquiring fellow and, as a rescued animal, offers the reader a greater sensitivity and appreciation for life, family, and the importance of human relationships.

In How My Family Grew Overnight, Nick shares with his young readers what he learns about the structure of family as he explores the world of family at an afternoon barbeque. As the events of the afternoon unfold, Nick gets a taste of adventure and curiosity while creating a bond with some of his new family members. Learning about family has never been so much fun and the need to love and cherish all family members never so warmly presented. As Nick shares his afternoon experiences, he is certain to make you laugh and leave you with a smile in your heart.


SKU (ISBN): 9781936193011
Linda Sicks | Illustrator: Dave Messing
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2010
Nick The Wise Old Cat # 2
Publisher: Baker and Taylor Publisher Services


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