Knowing The Doctrines Of The Bible


47 Doctrines Divided Into 11 Major Sections

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ESSENTIAL for every Christian library, Pearlman’s book on doctrine is dependable, fundamental, and well-written.

NOTED not only as an author but as a teacher and lecturer, the writer had a keen and analytical mind. His discussions of each of the major Bible doctrines are carefully outlined and complete.

FAMOUS for his dry humor, Pearlman seemed unable to write a dull page. And there is constant inspiration and challenge from his practical applications of the divine truths.

HELPFUL to skeptic and believer alike, this book contains satisfying answers to the problems of the serious student. Such subjects as God and Man, Sin and Salvation, Christ and the Church are treated with thoroughness. The section on the Holy Spirit is excellent.

ABSOLUTELY scriptural. Immensely readable.


SKU (ISBN): 9780882435343
Myer Pearlman
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2002
Pentecostal Classics
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House


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