Libro De 1 Samuel (Student/Study Guide)


22 Lessons

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1 Samuel tells the story of the prophet Samuel, the last of the judges, whom God used to establish kingship in Israel. We learn about Samuel’s mother Hannah, his birth, youth and calling by God. By God’s direction, Samuel anointed Saul as Israel’s first king. When Saul refused to obey God’s instructions given through Samuel, God rejected him as Israel’s king. God chose David to succeed Saul as king, and we learn of David’s long road to kingship while Saul clung to his waning reign. Through it all we see God’s faithful covenant relationship with His people. The book of 1 Samuel is covered in 20 lessons. The final two lessons cover the begining of the book of 2 Samuel through chapter 5, verse 5, where David is crowned king of Israel.


SKU (ISBN): 9781932017076
English: 1 Samuel (Student/Study Guide)
Ruth Bathauer
Binding: Spiral Bound
Published: 2002
Joy Of Living Bible Study
Publisher: Joy Of Living Bible Studies

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