Miracles And Mayhem In The ER


In Miracles and Mayhem in the ER , Dr. Brent Russell shares true-life stories of his early days as an Emergency Room doctor. Contemplative and oftentimes hilarious, Dr. Russell leads the reader through the glass doors and down the narrow halls of the ER where desperate patients, young and old, come to get well.

Occasionally heart wrenching and always fast-paced, Miracles and Mayhem in the ER will have readers holding their breath one second and celebrating the next. Through his night shifts at a renowned Portland, WA hospital, Russell discovers his role, and his confidence as he treats people from all walks of life including humanity’s most bizarre in the ER. Each shift brings a new, bracing story to tell.


SKU (ISBN): 9781937498221
Brent Russell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2013
Publisher: Elevate Faith (formerly Russell Media)


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