Shatterproof : 3 Deadly Tornadoes And The Towns That Survived Them


A forbidding black cloud churns in the sky and drops suddenly to the earth. The enormous tornado speeds toward town, ravaging everything in its path in a seemingly random act of menace. Dreams lie in ruins. Loved ones are whisked away to eternity. Houses, businesses, towns, and lives are splintered into endless pieces. Is anything in this world really shatterproof?

Katrina Hoover takes the stories of men and women to whom the unthinkable happened, and weaves them into an educational narrative of hope in the midst of chaos. In this book you will find useful information about tornado formation, historical tornadoes, and safety procedures. You will also be challenged and touched as you enter the lives of characters who experienced catastrophes and faced the aftermath with courage and faith.

Includes 16-page photo section


SKU (ISBN): 9781936208876
Katrina Hoover
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2012
Publisher: Christian Light Publications


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