Spirit Slowly Fading


Brandy, a powerful young woman born in the 70’s, navigates her way through the many challenges teen – aged girls and young adults face in a world where women can be anything a man can be. Full of hope and determination, Brandy possesses the courage, intelligence, and heart to do anything she chooses. Unaware of her own talent, Brandy believes she will only be complete when she finds her soul mate. She longs for a traditional romance that holds all of the passion and love she only dares to dream exists. Left feeling hopeless and abandoned by those she trusted and loved at a very young age, Brandy faces one challenge after another in her relationships and in her life. Each new challenge brings about opportunities to grow and sometimes failure. Completely unaware of the power she holds within, Brandy allows each failure, along with every hurt, pain, and rejection she endures to define and limit her. As her own worst critic, Brandy convinces herself she will never be enough. She discovers on one dark and stormy night that she is traveling in a downward spiral, giving up, piece by piece the powerful spirit she entered this world with in search of love and hope; never knowing its always been within.


SKU (ISBN): 9781936417445
Brenda Kilhoffer
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2011
Publisher: Pilot Communications Group


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