Surrounded By Evil


Don’t die and don’t give up! How did this unknown voice empower a young child to cling to life despite unspeakable pain and her family’s best efforts to destroy her soul? Taylor Shepherd was born into a family deeply involved with the occult, and throughout her childhood she was the victim of their substance abuse, violence, and sexual assault. Yet though her mind was fractured by seemingly endless trauma, she clung to what little truth she knew even as a four-year-old: that there was only one true God and that the god in whose name her family abused her was not Him. As an adult, Taylor began a journey of healing and truth. In sharing her story, Taylor hopes to: Encourage survivors: to recognize God’s hand in their survival, to understand that healing emotional scars is not easy or simple, to know God is a very present help through it all. Call all Christians: to be aware of abuse hidden in seemingly normal families, to seek to do no harm to fragile survivors, to learn ways of offering comfort and acceptance. A gripping memoir of terror and hope, Surrounded by Evil: Saved by God takes the reader on a journey through childhood abuse, mental illness, and the redemption possible only through the Lord who suffered with and for all the lost children of the world.


SKU (ISBN): 9781937063429
Taylor Shepherd
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2016
Publisher: Kalos Press

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