Threefold Nature Of Man (Abridged)


1. Threefold Nature Of Man
2. Man’s First Dimension The Spirit
3. Man’s Second Dimension The Soul
4. Man’s Third Dimension The Body
5. Holy Spirit In The Inner Man
6. Questions And Answers

Additional Info
The Threefold Nature of Man is the result of years of study by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin.
The subject of man’s threefold nature -spirit, soul, and body-always intrigued Rev. Hagin. Like most Christians, however, he had never been taught this essential Bible truth.
When he began to study the subject, he encountered a great deal of confusion; especially in distinguishing between spirit and soul. Much error has been taught, even from the pulpit, he comments.
After much prayer and Bible study, he learned that man is a spirit who possesses a soul and lives in a body. He elaborated on the threefold nature of man in this book.


SKU (ISBN): 9780892760329
Kenneth E. Hagin
Binding: Slim Line
Published: 1996
Publisher: Faith Library Publications


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