Pope Francis Doll


Available February 2016
In honor of the World Meeting of Families and the upcoming visit of Our Holy Father to the United States, we welcome our newest faith teaching devotional toy- Pope Francis plush doll. The Pope Francis doll was designed to teach our young Catholics about our Holy Father’s role in the Catholic Church while instilling a love of the Holy Father in both children and adults. Pope Francis is wearing traditional green Ordinary Time vestments. On his back a patch reads “We are united in Faith through our Holy Father, Bishop of Rome, Successor to Peter. Let us remember to pray for our Holy Father and his intentions.” Mathew 16:18-19 is referenced along with a symbol of the Papal Keys in silver and gold. A delightful teaching tool for any child.

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SKU (UPC): 040232242755

Color: Full Color
Manufacturer: New Day Christian Distributors


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