Preschool Songs (DVD)


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SKU (UPC): 084418423699
Artist: Cedarmont Kids
Media: Video DVD
Released: October 2001
Cedarmont Kids Classics
Provident Distribution

1. Bluebird Bluebird
2. I Bought Me A Cat
3. Happy Day Express
4. Shoofly
5. My Bonnie
6. Sarasponda
7. 1 Little Brown Bird
8. Farmer In The Dell
9. Lazy Mary
10. Swing
11. Head Shoulders Knees And Toes
12. Oats Peas Beans And Barley Grow
13. Birdies In The Treetops
14. Its Raining Its Pouring
15. Medley Grand Old Duke Of York
16. Where Is Thumbkin
17. Children Jesus Loves You
18. Down By The Station
19. Ring Around The Rosy
20. It Aint Gonna Rain
21. Everybody Ought To Love Jesus


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